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Franna Pick and Carry Crane Hire

Due to its flexibility, the Pick and Carry Franna crane can be used in many different applications. It is designed to travel on public roads and comes without stabilising legs or outriggers, making it excellent for operating in tight areas.

Superior Design Offering Many Benefits

Franna Pick and Carry cranes were first developed in 1980 by Australian engineer Dave Francis. Frannas (’Francis and Anna’ - a term coined by combining the names of the founder and his daughter) offer flexibility and versatility, with the ability to relocate loads up to 25 tonnes.

Franna cranes instantly gained popularity in Australia and worldwide due to their high-speed performance, flexibility, versatility and manoeuvrability. As a result of their high performance and immediate popularity, pick and carry cranes are often referred to as ‘Franna’ cranes, regardless of their brand.

Excellence Brought Forward to Today

Three years after the establishment of Franna cranes, two engineers bought the company and started developing pick and carry cranes in the original design by Dave Francis.

Franna cranes’ advantages and benefits have undoubtedly put these cranes in a league of their own, as they are a popular choice for domestic and commercial construction sites,  manufacturing plants, and more. The winning combination of power, speed, versatility and a quick set up time makes them easy-to-operate machines that will get any job completed quickly, meeting all deadlines.

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