Professional Crane Hire in Melbourne: 

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10t Bubble Crane Hire

Lift heavy loads with ease with our range of Bubble Cranes for hire in Melbourne. At Titan Cranes, we offer complete lifting solutions for any heavy duty job. If you’re in need of a tough machine that can lift hefty machinery, logs, pipes, and more, our Bubble Crane is the ideal solution.

Fit Tight Spaces with Ease

Bubble Cranes are the perfect choice where space is limited. Ergonomically designed, they provide a 23 metre working radius and are only 2 metres wide, ensuring they can fit into alleys, narrow driveways and other tight spaces that may be difficult to access.

Fully Equipped to Ensure Safety and Comfort

All our cranes comply with current Australian safety standards. Whether your job involves rail track maintenance, forestry, building restoration work or any type of engineering work in Melbourne, you can rely on our Bubble Crane to get the job done efficiently, meeting all your deadlines with ease.

Need Advice? We Can Help!

If you’re unsure if the Bubble Crane is the best fit for your specific needs, don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly team. We’ve got the experience and expertise to provide professional advice, ensuring that you get the best out of our crane hire service.